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3- in England - Date of publication 03-02-2005
An experience, at home, of our mission in Peru through pictures, displays and a sharing of daily living in the region of Jicarmarca.

     On February 18 we gathered at Henesy House to welcome Jacinta on her first visit home from Peru. Jacinta prepared a wonderful display of photographs all of which depicted the area, the house and the people with whom she and Marie work and share in their new mission. It gave each one of us a good insight and a deeper understanding into the conditions in which Marie and Jacinta live their lives as Sisters of Evron in Peru.
     We were all fascinated by the history of this region of Jicamarca on the outskirts of Lima, where Marie and Jacinta are creating a new mission. We were impressed by the dryness of the land, the rocks and stones, the desert in which the people live. The photos demonstrated the reality and the context of the situation.
     To our western eyes the conditions seemed very basic, the area very poor and the people very happy. We were impressed by the way and the extent to which both Jacinta and Marie have accepted the conditions of life and the deprivations. They are committed totally to the mission of Jicamarca.
     We were impressed too by the way in which Religious Sisters and Brothers from the different Congregations work together in such real solidarity. Truly it is a good image of Church and Christianity.
     Jacinta is enjoying her visit back to the Province. She is busy organizing many fund-raising events both in England and Ireland to support the mission financially and to raise the level of awareness of the life and conditions of life in Jicamarca. Each community has benefited by a visit where there was time to hear more about Peru and its people. It is good to see that the courageous step taken by the Chapter 2001 to take our mission to another continent is bearing fruit.

     All this information has given us a clearer picture of the situation and conditions in which our Sisters live and the people with whom and for whom they work. It has stimulated our prayer and our enthusiasm for this new mission in Peru.

     Truly Perrine Thulard has blessed her Religious family.

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