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51 persons honoured for dedicated service.
From Guitry, a centre for malnourished children.

5- in Africa - Date of publication 07-15-2004
An Honorary Diploma is awarded to Madeleine Lobouet.
The Marguerite Perrier Centre, (P.M.I. or Protection Maternelle et Infantile) continues to welcome malnourished children expanding gradually it’s services while remaining within the broader area of nutrition.

      In Guitry, as well as the children suffering from malnutrition, we also follow up on the development of the healthy ones providing on-going health and nutrition education especially for the period when the child is weaned. Over the past two years, we receive more and more orphaned children or those whose mothers have an inadequate supply of breast milk or are not producing any breast milk at all. We welcome, therefore, wet mothers and adoptive mothers to the centre for one or two days to explain the techniques of bottle feeding and/or supplemental bottle feeding. The time these women spend in the centre depends on the child's state of health and the mother's capacity to absorb and understand the needed explanations. In those cases where the mother has no money, we are sometimes obliged to buy milk at the Chemist/Drugstore since for the past two years we no longer receive a supply of free formula. The milk which used to come from the ‘Order of Malta’ or other ‘N.G.O.'s’ (and was shared with Bécédi and Lakota) is no longer supplied.
     We have also been able to help supply medications for some of the sick people unable to afford these needed medications, especially those who are destitute and displaced due to the war.
     The busiest time of year at the P.M.I. is the period between August right up until the end of January. Because of the continuing war conditions in Ivory Coast, the figures are lower than usual although priority continues to be given to preventive measures, such as: vaccinations, weighing of babies/young children, provision of nutrition information and education and antenatal clinics. For sick people there is, in addition, an urban health centre in Guitry. This is fortunate, as Sister Marie-Noëlle is the only qualified worker on our staff and we would be too overloaded at the P.M.I. with all of the extra work presently taken care of by this Health Centre. 

     In the greater parish of the Good Shepherd, at St. Michael’s Church of M’Pouto in Abidjan, fifty-one persons were honoured for their generous service within the Christian community. Among them, Sister Madeleine Lobouet received an honorary diploma of recognition encouraging her to continue her valuable apostolate.
     In addition Madeleine, an assistant social worker by profession, is very attentive to all the forms of poverty encountered in the large city of Abidjan.

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