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Departure for “Residence Perrine Thulard”

2- in France - Date of publication 06-15-2009
For several weeks and even months the team responsible for the ‘Residence’ worked hard to make the change over as easy as possible for the Sisters.

The four of them spent time visiting the Sisters, talking with them and packing their cases and boxes... even if it meant coming back to the room several times. What patience and kindness that required of them.

Two days prior to the departure date, the team, helped by a few Sisters and associates, carried winter clothing and shoes to the Residence in the midst of the workmen who were there up to the last minute.

At last June 3 arrived and again a few sisters and associates are available. They did not spare themselves. There was a constant flow of cars moving in the direction of the "EPHAD" ( a home for dependant and elderly people)

Most of the Sisters are ready by 1.00 p.m. Each Sister, whether she walked, or used a wheel chair, or travelled by car or ambulance, was accompanied by another Sister or an associate.

These few photos express better than words the atmosphere of the occasion. The bright sunshine helped to make the comings and goings more agreeable.

Everything was done to make the change as pleasant as possible even though for some it was emotional and painful.

In the reception area, near the "Chapelle au Riboul" door and the first stone blessed on 8 December 2008, Perrine smiled down at them. There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers there too.  With the help of the one who accompanied her, each Sister found her room and sorted out her belongings. Those who were able explored their new surroundings.

"Isn't it huge! ..." the display signs helped them to find their way.

The members of staff, old and new, were very attentive to each one. A little later on all were together for tea.

In the meantime the kitchen staff was busy finishing the cleaning and preparing the evening meal for the people in the "EPHAD" and those in St. Joseph's. Everyone helped and finally all had something to eat in spite of last minute hitches.


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