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An Easter Psalm....extending warmest wishes for "A Blessed and Happy Easter to all, for in faith we know that Jesus is risen indeed.....!"

1- All the congregation - Date of publication 04-15-2006
"Christ has risen, Alleluia!".........the chorus of creation cries out singing the symphony of joy at Easter's annual return......

A Blessed and Happy Easter to all for in faith we know that Jesus is risen indeed!

“Christ is risen, Alleluia!”
       cries out the chorus of creation.
“Christ is risen, Alleluia!”
       sing the supple winds of spring.
“Christ is risen, Alleluia!”
       ring out lilies in silent splendour.

The feast of feasts,
       the festival of hope,
       the mother of all Sundays,
       luminous in the full moon of spring,
       radiant in the rising of the sun,
       Easter dances upon my rooftop
       and plays like a newborn child
       in the cradle of my heart.

I rejoice like all of creation,
       sailing on springtime’s seed-bearing breezes,
       and like the lily’s trumpet,
       I open wide my throat and my heart
       to join with all of heaven and earth
       in singing out the symphony of joy
       at Easter’s annual return.

I take hope in Christ’s victory over death,
       hope that, one with Jesus,
       I will also have my Easter morning
       when I will be freed from the prison,
       and decaying dusty tomb,
       of my narrow and stony spirit.
I trust that I too will spring-like arise
       to a fullness of living and loving,
       to a life beyond all time and space,
       to a life one with you, my God.

“Christ is risen, Alleluia!”
       I soon will be next,
        Alleluia, Alleluia!                      

                         Edward Hays



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