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Greetings from Perù.

6- in Peru - Date of publication 10-26-2006
I arrived back on the 7th October

again the entrance to our house has changed! ! We now have just 67 steps but a longer walk to them. We have begun to build the front wall to give us a bit more security and also to mark out our boundary. We now have neighbours on our left and they are trying to build their houses in the cerro too.

The month of October sees us celebrating the devotion to “Senor de los Milagros” and we have 2 novennas every week in different house in our sectors. This is a great opportunity to get to know more people and to give the people the opportunity to prepare the prayer. On the 28th October we will have a big procession to finish the month of October with all the Capillas taking part. This will take part at night with torches and candies so it should be a wonderful sight.

All our activities are going well and our First Communion group of I0 are nearing the end of their
preparation. We will have our communions in December.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported our fund raising while I was on
holiday.The school are delighted that we will be able to provide 2 more computers for them and the
children are enjoying their hot chocolate and a roll each day.

The attendance in the classroom each day very good and we will be thanks to your generosity be able
to help the poorer children with the materials they need for the next school year. The pens with the 4
colours are very popular
as you cannot get these in Perù Also the twistable crayons.

I now have a new group for English each Friday : 5 mothers with their children of 4 and 5 years old.
So you can see they are keen to learn. As I type this e-mail, a young lad is busy photocopying material that I can use with them! !

So to each and everyone Sisters, Associates and friends we say Muchas gracias.

Con mucho carino a todos,

Youth group
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