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The associates

Associates gather to pray, fast and give alms during Lent....

4- in Canada - Date of publication 04-13-2006
An experience that touches the heart......







      At our meeting during Lent, we, the francophone associates reflected on the traditional Lenten practices proposed during this meaningful liturgical season.

Prayer           We began with a time of prayer focusing on the theme proposed to the Canadian Church: "A disarming faith".  This time of meditation was enhanced by the use of PowerPoint.

Almsgiving        Rosanne had just written a letter from Peru after spending holiday time in Canada.  While she was among us, she had been able to visit with all the associate groups answering their many questions concerning her experiences and mission in Peru.  It seemed a propos to collect alms for our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Vizcachera.

Fasting                A bowl of rice and a glass of water!   What a great opportunity to speak of the abundance of food and clean water that we enjoy every day.   We agreed that we should thank God ad infinitum for these precious gifts.   By the same token, we become more conscious of our responsibility not to waste water and to do everything within our power to fight against privatizing this wonderful natural resource of our great country.


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During this year
2- in France - Date of publication 06-28-2010
The meeting of the Associates that took place in October was, as you can imagine, a time for sharing what happened in Evron and in Canada for the Centenary of the sisters’ arrival.

3- in England - Date of publication 03-11-2010
The Associates and some Sisters recently made some pilgrimages. One of these was to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Walsingham which is in the east of England.
A hundred years… That can be understood in various ways

4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-09-2009
Perrine has been present in the West of Canada for a hundred years in the person of the Sisters who took up a challenge and accomplished a great acheivement. Each one left her own corner of Mayenne to go to “the other end of the earth” as people said at the time and we can imagine the strong faith that motivated them.
Sister Marie-Louise Recton whose memory is still alive in Alberta

4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-09-2009
Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a young woman, one of my relatives (Sister Marie-Louise Recton, first provincial of the sisters of Evron in Canada) would have had such a lasting effect on a community.
The Fortsaskatchewan Associates

4- in Canada - Date of publication 06-15-2009
The Fort Saskatchewan Associates meet on a monthly basis after the 11:00 mass, usually at Our Lady of Angels Parish church hall if the meeting rooms are not being used. This has provided us the opportunity to have Fathers Francis and John join us on several occasions.
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