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Louise and Donald Lee respond to a special call within their baptismal commitment......

4- in Canada - Date of publication 08-18-2005
Louise and Donald Lee, faithful associates of the Sisters of Charity Notre-Dame d’Évron since the humble beginnings of this Canadian group in 1995, leave at the end of August for Kuwait.

This group of associates---one of four groups of associates in Canada gathering on a regular basis in their local area---meet monthly in one or the other of the member’s homes in Fort Saskatchewan and Bruderheim accompanied by Gloria and Thérèse. The animation of these gatherings is assured by alternating pairs of folks from within the group choosing themes in conjunction either with the liturgical year or another pertinent topic of choice. Those responsible for the animation of the reunion also assure the prayer, reflection questions and guide the ensuing exchanges. “We always share a ‘pot-luck’ meal in a spirit of gratitude and recognition of the day’s insights.” “We deepened several themes including that of water; the first hand challenges in the developing and on-going operation of an orphanage in Africa initiated by a faith-filled woman in response to the needs of homeless children; some practical challenges arising from the various Lenten gospels; looking with particular attention at the missions of the congregation; a deepening of our knowledge of several major world religions to name but a few examples.” “I have been challenged to really see God’s face in the person of the poor, those who don’t fit in according to society’s criteria.”

“These gatherings have helped lead me to a new depth in my relationship with Christ. Knowing the love of sisters and associates alike has put a human face on who God is, for me.” “Living out of this spirituality and its charism has helped me experience a closer relationship with God through Jesus and has strengthened my faith.” “It is so good to share our concerns, good food, up-lifting company and our support of each other in such a life-giving way!” “What a blessing to experience support and love through the days of sunshine as well as of cloud!” At the close of this year we sang our support and send-off to Louise and Donald Lee leaving on mission in August for Kuwait…

......”may God’s blessing be with you both and may we continue to support and carry each other in our daily thoughts and prayers.”

The entire group of Canadian associates, numbering close to fifty persons to date, gathers traditionally in Edmonton each year to mark the re-dedication ceremony on or close to the November 6th to 9th tridium in a context of prayer, reflection, faith-sharing as well as informal sharing over food. This large group meets again in the spring around a specific theme often arising from a particular interest or in conjunction with the theme coming out of the council of the congregation meeting. Usually a resource person is chosen to animate the input and sharing of this gathering. This year a strong interest in major world religions determined the choice of topic offering well-researched input, interwoven with time for prayer and reflection facilitating the link with everyday life. It was so helpful and captivating that the desire to further pursue this topic next meeting was expressed. As usual, a time of prayer together and informal sharing over food is an integral part of our day’s activities. To close each year in a spirit of gratitude and sheer friendship a June BBQ gathers everyone before we are dispersed for the summer holidays!

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2- in France - Date of publication 06-28-2010
The meeting of the Associates that took place in October was, as you can imagine, a time for sharing what happened in Evron and in Canada for the Centenary of the sisters’ arrival.

3- in England - Date of publication 03-11-2010
The Associates and some Sisters recently made some pilgrimages. One of these was to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Walsingham which is in the east of England.
A hundred years… That can be understood in various ways

4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-09-2009
Perrine has been present in the West of Canada for a hundred years in the person of the Sisters who took up a challenge and accomplished a great acheivement. Each one left her own corner of Mayenne to go to “the other end of the earth” as people said at the time and we can imagine the strong faith that motivated them.
Sister Marie-Louise Recton whose memory is still alive in Alberta

4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-09-2009
Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a young woman, one of my relatives (Sister Marie-Louise Recton, first provincial of the sisters of Evron in Canada) would have had such a lasting effect on a community.
The Fortsaskatchewan Associates

4- in Canada - Date of publication 06-15-2009
The Fort Saskatchewan Associates meet on a monthly basis after the 11:00 mass, usually at Our Lady of Angels Parish church hall if the meeting rooms are not being used. This has provided us the opportunity to have Fathers Francis and John join us on several occasions.
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