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During this year
2- in France - Date of publication 06-28-2010
The meeting of the Associates that took place in October was, as you can imagine, a time for sharing what happened in Evron and in Canada for the Centenary of the sisters’ arrival.

3- in England - Date of publication 03-11-2010
The Associates and some Sisters recently made some pilgrimages. One of these was to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Walsingham which is in the east of England.
A hundred years… That can be understood in various ways

4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-09-2009
Perrine has been present in the West of Canada for a hundred years in the person of the Sisters who took up a challenge and accomplished a great acheivement. Each one left her own corner of Mayenne to go to “the other end of the earth” as people said at the time and we can imagine the strong faith that motivated them.
Sister Marie-Louise Recton whose memory is still alive in Alberta

4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-09-2009
Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a young woman, one of my relatives (Sister Marie-Louise Recton, first provincial of the sisters of Evron in Canada) would have had such a lasting effect on a community.
The Fortsaskatchewan Associates

4- in Canada - Date of publication 06-15-2009
The Fort Saskatchewan Associates meet on a monthly basis after the 11:00 mass, usually at Our Lady of Angels Parish church hall if the meeting rooms are not being used. This has provided us the opportunity to have Fathers Francis and John join us on several occasions.
The Bonnyville Associates

4- in Canada - Date of publication 06-15-2009
Of course it goes without saying that Associates are active in the Church and their local parishes.  One activity that several of the Bonnyville Associates are involved in is that of the LIVE-IN SOCIETY. 

5- in Africa - Date of publication 03-05-2009
Saturday 14th February 2009, is St Valentine’s Day, the lovers feast day. Flowers, text messages, outings and kisses are all on the day’s agenda. Couples prove to one another and to those who observe them the deep love that unites them...
The prison in Edmonton
4- in Canada - Date of publication 08-25-2008
Saturday 12th July 2008, the canonical visit in the Province ended yesterday.
I want to share a very pleasant experience that I had today.
This morning Sister Thérèse Verrier called for me so I could go with her to Fort Saskatchewan (half an hour by road), where Sisters Cécile, Rosanne, Gloria, Anna Laforge used to live in community.
Members of ‘Virgen de la Evangelization’ parish, Campoy, visit Caral.......
6- in Peru - Date of publication 04-16-2008
A bus with approximately fifty parishioners traveled to Caral, more or less a distance of four hours from Lima, to experience the ruins and something of the history of the third oldest city in the world.

Associates from Vegreville and area gather as Lent begins.....
4- in Canada - Date of publication 03-13-2008
As part of our time of prayer together the sacrament of the sick is celebrated......
Celebrating the International Day of Non-Violence against women in La Vizcachera......
6- in Peru - Date of publication 02-11-2008
A peaceful walk through our rudimentary streets celebrating the dignity of women and the on-going struggle for united, happy families.....
Missioning Ceremony for Sister Gloria....
4- in Canada - Date of publication 02-05-2007
January 11th, 2007 was a bitterly cold day in Edmonton, Canada. Although the outside temperature hovered around minus 30 degrees the love and warmth of those gathered for a special celebration created a ray of sunshine for Sister Gloria who was soon to leave to join our missionaries in Lima, Peru......
...annual re-dedication celebration during Perrine's triduum
4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-14-2006 gather in Fort Saskatchewan to renew their "yes" living everyday undertakings nourished by the charism of Perrine.....
Associates gather to pray, fast and give alms during Lent....
4- in Canada - Date of publication 04-13-2006
An experience that touches the heart......
The French Associates met together in Evron on 25th March 2006.
2- in France - Date of publication 04-05-2006
The associates were pleased to meet again especially as the last meeting had to be cancelled because of bad weather.
Associates and Sisters celebrate Perrine’s triduum on November 5th…….
4- in Canada - Date of publication 12-06-2005
Each year during Perrine’s triduum Sisters and Associates from each of the four local groups gather in Edmonton to re-dedicate themselves following in the footsteps of Jesus according to the intuition and charism of their beloved foundress, Perrine Thulard……..
Transfer of Bonnyville Health Centre to the Alberta Catholic Health Corporation……
4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-22-2005
On June 17, 2005 the third of the rural hospitals sponsored by the Sisters of Charity Notre Dame d’Évron in Alberta was officially transferred to the Alberta Catholic Health Corporation…..
Former Director of St. Joseph’s General Hospital honored…..

4- in Canada - Date of publication 11-22-2005
Eugene Rudyk, a long time collaborator and friend of the Sisters of Évron, retired last June from his position of Chief Executive Officer at St. Joseph’s General Hospital in Vegreville, Alberta, Canada…….
Louise and Donald Lee respond to a special call within their baptismal commitment......
4- in Canada - Date of publication 08-18-2005
Louise and Donald Lee, faithful associates of the Sisters of Charity Notre-Dame d’Évron since the humble beginnings of this Canadian group in 1995, leave at the end of August for Kuwait.
THE FRENCH ASSOCIATES came together in Evron on 19th June 2005
2- in France - Date of publication 07-24-2005
One year after the festivities in honour of Perrine Thulard, the
Group reflected on how it could appropriate, integrate and express her message in everyday life.
Meeting of the Sisters, Associates and Friends

3- in England - Date of publication 06-01-2005
Sunday 27th February 2005 - The British associates of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Evron met with some of the sisters and friends at Henesy House in the Memorial Hall built above St. Patrick's Church in Collyhurst, Manchester.
The Spirit of Christmas brings life and joy.....
4- in Canada - Date of publication 12-14-2004
This year the inmates, staff, volunteers, Mary-Anne Miskolzie, Roman Catholic prison chaplain—and associate with the sisters of Évron—along with a community church embraced the project called the “Christmas shoe box program” raising enough funds to send more than fifty-five boxes filled with various items from toys to toothbrushes to needy children in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico.
Associate Members of Canada
1- All the congregation - Date of publication 09-16-2004
Many associate members came from each of the different countries where Sisters of Charity Notre-Dame d'Evron are presently living gathered in Evron, France, to celebrate and share in the congregation-wide festivities in honour of the 350th birthday of Perrine Thulard
Associates in Canada
4- in Canada - Date of publication 07-15-2004
During this past year the associates have met regularly in three groups coming together as one gathering on May 15th, 2004 to reflect and share on this year’s theme and again on June 13th to celebrate God’s blessings by a year-end BBQ.
In the Ivory Coast, sisters and associate members celebrate the opening of the « year of Perrine »
5- in Africa - Date of publication 07-14-2004
The associate members of Africa come mostly from the Ivory Coast. Nine new members have just recently joined their group.
The day is coming soon !
2- in France - Date of publication 07-14-2004
In France, as in all of the other countries, sisters and associate members are diligently preparing for the 350th birthday celebration of Perrine Thulard
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